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1 Year Forecast    $ 90 / Barrel

Oil and gas well Slot Perforation Technology (SPT) professional service company operating in the United States and Canada territories.


SPT - well-known and widely used technology of cutting a longitudinal extended deep slots along the wellbore for : 


●  Unloading circular stress conditions around the well

●  Increasing in permeability of productive layer

●  Improving reservoir properties 

●  Increasing the open drainage surface

●  Providing excellent hydrodynamic connection


As a result, a guaranteed increasing in excellent productive inflow in low-productive and even dry, abandonment and dead wells with a long-term effect (10-15 years).

Depending on method of cutting SPT is divided into

●  Hydraulic or hydro-slotting perforation (HSP),

●  Hydro-mechanical perforation (HMSP),

●  stretch-slotting perforation (SSP) and

●  electro-mechanical perforation (EMSP).

Maxxwell Production provides the following service

Slot perforation technology (SPT)

Stretch-slot perforation technology (SSP)

Selection of Oil and Gas wells, Geological and Geophysical analyzes

Determination the main causes of debit fall, and effective treating

Forecasting results and financial benefits, preparation of Project-Programs

Preparation and testing of slotting perforation tool/equipment and parts

Participation in the organization of completion/re-completion works

Conducting of SPT processes directly on the well-sites

Supervision, management, control, correction of SPT processes

Technical support and accompaniment, consulting for technical Issues

Recommendations for followed exploitation of the wells


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Maxxwell Production


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